Let us be part of your home’s Management Team!

Our General Maintenance checklist performed on a weekly, bi-weekly (every-other-week), or even monthly basis will give you peace of mind! Just when you start to realize your bathrooms and floors are about due for a good cleaning, your maid will show up as scheduled!



1. Sink and vanity cleaned.
2. Chrome fixtures and mirrors polished.
3. Toilets cleaned inside and out.
4. Shower, floor, and door cleaned.
5. Tub and splash walls cleaned.
6. Floors cleaned and sanitized.
7. Lights, sills, shelves, towel bars dusted.
8. Gather and remove trash.


1. Stove top, range hood cleaned.
2. Microwave cleaned inside and out.
3. Exterior of appliances polished.
4. Counter tops disinfected and dried.
5. Small appliances, accessories wiped.
6. General dusting including chair rungs, windowsills, visible baseboards, etc.
7. Sinks scrubbed and disinfected.
8. Floors vacuumed and mopped.
9. Gather and remove trash.



1. General dusting including window sills, fans, etc. Glass table tops, Formica other surfaces cleaned. Lamp shades and bases dusted.
2. Sliding glass doors cleaned, inside and out (weather permitting).
3. Front entry door/window area cleaned.
4. Hard surface floors vacuumed and mopped as appropriate.
5. Carpeted areas vacuumed where accessible.
6. Stairs vacuumed.
7. Gather and remove trash.

Menu Items to Choose From

Customize your regular cleaning service by adding a menu item for your home on an as-needed basis. Choose from tasks such as

  • Oven, inside
  • Refrigerator, inside
  • Change a bed(s) – Note: one bed is included at no extra charge
  • Laundry
  • Vacuum Upholstered furniture
  • Additional bathroom or additional level of the home
  • Kitchen cabinet doors washed and polished
  • Woodwork (baseboards, doors, door frames) washed
  • Interior windows cleaned
  • Hand dust blinds (1” or 2”)
  • Apply wax or other floor products to floors
  • Polish Granite counter tops